Elementary School Harlekijn - Venlo (NL)

AMMANU is asked to think about the best solution for elementary school Harlekijn in Venlo (NL). This involved replacing the existing lighting. Good light quality, dynamic learning environment enhancing properties and energy efficiency were key issues for the Board to decide for the AMMANU system.

For this school was chosen to control the lighting via Z-Wave domotics, wireless, very stable building automation. The result of this is that a project is to realize fast, without concessions needed in features of the system.

The lighting can be set in scenes on ‘de Harlekijn’; STUDY, CONCENTRATION and ATMOSPHERE. This is done with a single button. By pressing the 1, 2 or 3 times we change the scenes. Very simple!

Please contact us to take a look in Venlo and convince yourself!

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