Aldini Series


The large robust light fittings from the Aldini Series complement our range of products. A very well designed retro light fitting that has all the unique features of an AMMANU product. In addition, this light fitting is waterproof (IP65/67) and can therefore be used outside to create the desired atmosphere. This fixture is completely customisable: Different colours (RAL, PANTONE, etc.), different type of finishes (powder coating, anodising, etc.) and accessories (protective mesh guards, extended neck, etc.) can all be adapted for your project.

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Suitable for these applications

Outdoor<br />
<em>Experience and safety in the dark</em>

Experience and safety in the dark

Outside your building you want to create the right look and atmosphere in which visitors and passers by feel safe. This way your building gets the right attention value without high energy bills.

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Retail<br />
<em>The presentation of products requires a special<br />
light application</em>

The presentation of products requires a special
light application

In retail brands are in the spotlight. Many LED solutions, however, give not the intense light exposure with the right amount of light in the right color, without generating very much heat.

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Healthcare<em>Optimal health and optimal light go hand in hand</em>

HealthcareOptimal health and optimal light go hand in hand

Especially in healthcare the need for good and dynamic lighting is very big. In order to do the work optimally and improve the quality of life in these centers. Good light improves health, workability and provides a faster recovery and a better night’s sleep of patients and clients.

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