Littrow Series

Littrow Series

The Littrow Series offers a range of big and small downlights and spotlights with a unique appearance and high output. This is partly because the reflector floats in the housing. These lights are ideal for offices, schools, retail and healthcare settings and are easy to combine into groups. Because of the Tuneable White light control system, the need for light can be tailored to the personal taste of the user. This can be a soothing warm colour or a cool active colour.

The Littrow fixtures are available in five different models. Download more detailed product information. Or look for the applications of our fixtures have already been used.

Suitable for these applications

Retail<br />
<em> The presentation of products requires a special<br />
light application</em>

The presentation of products requires a special
light application

In retail brands are in the spotlight. Many LED solutions, however, give not the intense light exposure with the right amount of light in the right color, without generating very much heat.

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Houses<br />
<em> Flexible varying ambiance and comfort with<br />
practical and energy saving light.</em>

Flexible varying ambiance and comfort with
practical and energy saving light.

Although the products of AMMANU primarily are developed for project solutions, a number of our products are also ideal for use in homes. Especially if you are looking for sophisticated LED spotlight with a sleek look that u want to use for nice ambient lighting, as for functional work lighting.

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Offices<em>LED-Solutions for the working of tomorrow </em>

OfficesLED-Solutions for the working of tomorrow

An inspiring working environment is not only pleasant, but also important. Working with dynamic lighting without flicker keeps people sharp throughout the day. It makes a better atmosphere, with more output and therefore a more pleasant work environment.

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