Das Proxima Modul ist ein vielseitiges Produkt. Mit diesem Modul kannst du jede gewünschte Lösung erstellen, natürlich mit der AMMANU Qualität und den Optionen Tunable White. Laden Sie detailliertere Produktinformationen herunter. Oder suchen Sie nach den Anwendungen unserer Vorrichtungen wurden bereits verwendet.

Geeignet für diese Anwendungen

Healthcare<br />
<em>Optimal health and optimal light go hand in hand</em>

Optimal health and optimal light go hand in hand

Especially in healthcare the need for good and dynamic lighting is very big. In order to do the work optimally and improve the quality of life in these centers. Good light improves health, workability and provides a faster recovery and a better night’s sleep of patients and clients.

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Schools<br />
<em>Learn and perform better with AMMANU<br />
lighting solutions</em>

Learn and perform better with AMMANU
lighting solutions

We spend a lot of time in the educational environment and it is important that we feel comfortable there. Sufficient and dynamic light is helping and takes care that we feel better and have better concentration level.

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Offices<br />
<em>LED-Solutions for the working of tomorrow </em>

LED-Solutions for the working of tomorrow

An inspiring working environment is not only pleasant, but also important. Working with dynamic lighting without flicker keeps people sharp throughout the day. It makes a better atmosphere, with more output and therefore a more pleasant work environment.

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